Fear, Illustrated

Through other people’s words and my visuals, I’ve created a narrative about common and not-so-common fears that others have shared with me. These fears include death, failure, losing a child, losing one’s voice, losing one’s mind, needles, cancer, speaking honestly with one’s spouse, déjà vus, being wrongfully imprisoned and clusters of small holes. Fears surrounding the 2016 U.S. presidential election, in particular, have really come to the surface.

Project participants — friends, neighbors, colleagues, my students, family members, acquaintances and people I’ve never met — share their fears with me via email or in person. Many people have told me that after seeing a tangible interpretation of their fear, they feel less burdened by it.

The book, Fear, Illustrated, is now available, and more fear illustrations can be seen at www.fear-project.com